The Caught Flies

by The Caught Flies

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released May 21, 2013

Recorded, mixed, & mastered by Justin Newton at Railroad Avenue Recording in Rollisnford, NH.



all rights reserved


The Caught Flies Manchester, New Hampshire

Four dudes from three New England states inspired to make loud, catchy, timeless rock and roll songs you can sing and dance to, drink to, fight to, drive very fast to (though don't blame us for the trouble you get into). We don't dress up pretty, don't wear matching uniforms, don't look the part at all and don't plan to. We are The Caught Flies, thank you very much. ... more

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Track Name: Dawn of The Dead
As the black veil of the night lifts,
a new fear has taken grip!
The human races is dying! The dead are rising!
Chaos spreads across the land.

Who will survive Dawn of The Dead?!
Will you survive Dawn of The Dead?!
There's no surviving... THE DAWN OF THE DEAD

A zombie army races across the nation,
devouring everything it can!
It's a wave of cannibal corpses
sent form Hell to end the reign of Man!

Who will survive Dawn of The Dead?!
Will you survive Dawn of The Dead?!
There's no surviving...

The human race is dying!
The dead are rising!
Track Name: Dreams
Running in the dark from you don't know who
You hear it breathing, footsteps are chasing you
Through mirage and misery, every turn is wrong no matter what you do

Toss and turn but you can't wake up
Scream and shout but it's never enough
Toss and turn but you can't wake up
Scream and shout but it's never enough

There's something evil in the depths of your mind
and you're living in a nightmare!
Can't cover ears or close your eyes because
we're living in a nightmare!
The sun turns black and falls from the sky because
we're living in a nightmare!
The living flee and the dead will rise because
we're living in a nightmare, living in a nightmare
and dreams can come true!
Track Name: White Lightning
Twenty miles of bad roads in my '37 Ford sedan
Moonshine by moonlight, outlaw booze is the plan
Bootleg my booze all over my home land and I
gotta keep my cash from that revenue man!

Demon alcohol is in my veins - WHITE LIGHTNING!
It's voodoo's got a hold on my brain - WHITE LIGHTNING!
I'm flyin' high but I don't feel no pain - WHITE LIGHTNING!
My liver will never be the same
That demon alcohol is in my veins!
Track Name: Evil Inside
She' a nightmare, and she's a dream
She's Bettie Page corpse who's thorns'll make you bleed
Flash her a smile, buy her a drink,
undress her with your eyes because she'll take your life

Her pretty face hides an evil inside
There's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
This girl who once loved has long since died
There's no where to run and nowhere to, nowhere to hide...

Her skin is so cold, she's got a thirst for your soul
Her touch is pure evil, a thousand years old
She has no heart to break, your life is her's to take
You had a chance to run but now it's too late!
Track Name: There Will Be Blood
Once the floodgates open you will never stand the tides
Disease and thieves that brandish rusty knives
Out your back door cloaked with all your lies
The high ground won't be high enough to survive

There will be blood from every native son,
Blood from all the innocent ones...

My gut gets fatter as I lay waste to the land
Bloated like a tick with a penny in my hand
What's this noise we make? No one seems to understand
I for one am going to make a stand